Yuhui Huang

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Computer Science and Electronic Engineering major with strong hands-on experience in programming, software development process, computer system management and communication skills. More than 10 years of C programming and extensive operating experience under various operating systems.

Technical Profile

Programming Languages:

C++ (Visual C++, GCC), C, Java, Perl, Pascal (Delphi), Shell Scripts, Visual Basic, x86 Assembly, Fortran, Matlab, Maple, SQL, Lisp, Prolog, Haskell, VHDL (in descending order of proficiency).

Project Management:

Visual Sourcesafe, CVS/RCS, Autoconf/Automake, Doxygen, Coding Standard.

Misc Development Skills:

MFC, DAO, ActiveX, COM, STL, CORBA, ACE/TAO, wxWindows, GTK, Swing, Perl/TK, TCP IP/Socket, IPC, GDB, WebDAV, Apache, MySQL, Soft-ICE.

Operating Systems:

Windows 2000/NT, DOS, Linux , Solaris, FreeBSD.

Other Skills:

Microsoft Office, LaTeX, HTML/Web Publishing, System Management and Troubleshooting, InstallShield.


Dept. of Computer Science, UC Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA
Research Assistant Sept, 2001-Sept, 2002

Modified Apache module for proof-of-concept implementation of using WebDAV interface in Electronic Records Management systems.

Implemented prototype of New Pagoda broadcasting protocol for VoD (Video-on-Demand), broadcasting single video using multiple UDP multicast groups to minimize client wait time.

Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua Univ. Beijing, China
Research Assistant Nov, 1996-July, 2000

Developed control software for color-CRT testing system, which can reconstruct beam-energy distribution profiles of CRTs with shadow masks, analyze the profile, manage testing data and generate reports. The hardware system includes computer controlled signal generator and CCD camera. The testing system was put into practical use in IRICO Display Devices Company and greatly helped their testing of new electron gun design.

Designed control software for testing the aging characteristics of organic electro-luminesce (EL) devices. The system was used in the Chemical Engineering Dept. of Tsinghua University to help their development of organic EL display devices.

Developed software for 1' mini-CRT image quality evaluation system for Pingyuan Optical Instrument Factory.

China Academy of Railway Sciences Beijing, China
Part-time Software Engineer Dec, 1997-Mar, 1998

Designed data display user interface, as part of the control software for Iranian City Railway Control System .

China Academy of Railway Sciences Beijing, China
Intern/Part-time Software Engineer July, 1997-Dec, 1997

Led development group of 10 interns. Coordinated development of CAD software for specific relay circuit design and simulation (as their in-house design tool). Introduced coding standard and version control system to coordinate the development. Internship led to part-time job later.


University of California, Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA
MS in Computer Science Sept, 2000-June, 2002

Tsinghua University Beijing, China
MS in Electronic Engineering Sept, 1998-July, 2000

Tsinghua University Beijing, China
BS in Electronic Engineering Sept, 1993-June, 1998

Affiliations & Certifications

Language Skills